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From WordPress to bespoke websites there’s one thing they all have in common – the need for a solid dependable website hosting platform that can expand with their growth.

Our web hosting servers are fully managed – MB Web will take care of all the technical aspects of hosting your website on our cloud servers. This means you can focus on your business without having to worry about server maintenance, security, and other technical details allowing you to sleep well in the knowledge that your server is in safe hands!

Don’t wait, make the move to our managed cloud hosting today and experience the benefits for yourself.

What is web hosting?

Website hosting is a service that enables individuals and organisations to make their websites accessible on the internet. It involves renting space on a server, which stores website files and delivers them to visitors’ browsers when they enter the website’s domain name. To put it simply website hosting is the server that stores all the files, data, and content that make up a website.

What is a domain?

A domain name is like your home address on the internet. It’s what people type into their web browsers to find your website. A domain is a unique web address (like that identifies resources on the internet. Instead of remembering a long string of numbers (like an IP address), you have a user-friendly name that’s easy to remember. They’re registered through domain registrars for a specified period, typically annually.

How to register a domain?

1. Choose a Domain Name: Decide on a name that reflects your brand or purpose.
2. Check Availability: Use a domain registrar’s search tool to see if your desired domain name is available.
3. Select a Registrar: Choose a reputable domain registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Bluehost.
4. Add to Cart: Once you find an available domain, add it to your shopping cart.
5. Review and Pay: Review your order, provide your contact information, and complete the purchase.
6. Optional: Privacy Protection: Consider adding domain privacy to keep your contact information private.
7. Verify Ownership: Follow any confirmation steps provided by the registrar.
8. Set Up: Use your domain for a website or set up email addresses associated with it.

What is DNS?

DNS, or Domain Name System, is like the phone book of the internet. When you type a web address into your browser, your computer needs to know the corresponding IP address to connect to that website.

What is an A-Record?

An ‘A-Record’ refers to a specific type of information stored in the DNS database associated with a domain name. A-Record associates a domain name with an IPv4 address, allowing web browsers to find the correct server on the internet.

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