To better serve its members and stakeholders, ESCV recognised the need for an intuitive website which would enable it to communicate better to the community it serves, as well as their stakeholders and supporters.

Because of its age the previous website had some limitations. The website was slow with a score of 56% on mobile and 46% on desktop. Images were outdated, they were large, and not optimised. The website navigation had also been added to over the years meaning that there were lots of unnecessary pages and a messy site map. Moreover, the website did not adequately portray ESCV’s multifaceted activities and impact. A new digital platform was imperative to address these challenges and enhance user engagement.


In response to these challenges, ESCV launched its new website – This updated website aimed to revolutionise the online experience by:

  • Enhanced Speed and Accessibility: The revamped website significantly improved loading times, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for all users, irrespective of their internet speed or device. Mobile scores are now at 95% with desktop scores at 98%
  • User-centric Design: Prioritising intuitive navigation and user-friendly features, the new website allows effortless exploration throughout. This enables visitors to access information about ESCV’s services, events, and resources seamlessly.
  • Dynamic Communication: Through the use of colour to segment the website we have made information far more digestible. The addition of interactive elements helped to illustrate ESCV’s contributions and community impact.
  • Clarity in Mission Representation: The website structure was redesigned to effectively communicate ESCV’s core mission, showcasing its objectives and the value it brings to the East Sussex community.

The launch of ESCV’s new website marked a significant milestone in its digital transformation. The outcomes were evident in:

  • Improved Engagement: The enhanced user experience led to increased engagement, with users spending more time on the site, exploring its various sections and resources. 
  • Heightened Visibility: ESCV’s dynamic activities and contributions are now effectively communicated, enhancing its visibility and impact within the community.
  • Positive User Feedback: The website garnered positive feedback from users, emphasising its user-friendliness and the ease of finding relevant information.

The new website not only signifies ESCV’s commitment to technological advancement but also underlines its dedication to effectively serve and engage the East Sussex community.

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