Two existing charities, ‘Mediation +’ and ‘Hastings and Rother Mediation Service’ merged on the 1st July 2023 to become ‘Mediation Plus’. The charities each had separate identities and websites but a shared vision of the future of mediation services in East Sussex and beyond.

The aim of the project was to take the new identity design and to to create a new website using as the domain that reflects the new merged service.

The new website needed to communicate instantly and clearly to the target audience whilst maintaining a positive spin on the mediation process.

The new website had to support their strategic aim of: 

  • Providing mediation services and ensure they are efficient and effective. 
  • Position mediation within the early stages of any conflict resolution process within families, the community, workplace or educational settings. 
  • Increase awareness of conflict resolution methods across a broad range of settings from home to work. 
  • Operates as a sustainable and independent service.

The existing brand identity had been was updated to a more modern display, with the colours modernised to reflect the new merged services.

The user of the website could be anyone, from an elderly neighbour, to a teenager or an HR executive in a corporate business. We therefore needed to make the website appeal to a very broad spectrum of individuals, whilst remaining friendly and approachable. The website also needed to communicate well on every level, from the imagery, to icons, colours and text.

Mediation is a tricky subject to convey. Most people need the service when they are experiencing conflict, and as such there are usually a lot of difficult feelings involved. Most conflict resolution imagery is of people arguing, however we wanted the site to portray the end result of that mediation, not the negativity which is sometimes associated with it. The first step was to create a friendly and approachable language for the website to use.

We designed a series of bespoke icons to represent each of the core services offered by Mediation Plus and introduced a series of gradients into the website design to soften the look. This, coupled with engaging imagery, has led to a more approachable feel to the website.

The new website is a more friendly and engaging home for Mediation Plus online. We have helped move the charity in to a more positive online space which will help promote the charity to partners and supporters across Sussex and beyond. We hope that the new website will also encourage users to find out more, fill in the forms and refer themselves for help when they need it.

If you wish to discuss a website project, or simply have a question, go ahead and get in touch!

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