Kinetik Wellbeing’s range of clinically validated medical devices are designed to empower everyone to manage their own health at home. However, their old website fpresented Kinetic Wellbeing as resellers, rather than the designers, creators and manufacturers of clinically validated medical devices.

We were asked to help elevate the brand and change the perceived image of Kinetik Wellbeing to better represent their professionalism and standing in the medical device field.

Kinetik Website
Kinetik Wellbeing Web API Tool

Understanding what drives a business is at the core of all of the strategy behind a website design – we needed to understand the core brand strengths, and the opportunities we could create by repositioning the brand as a medical device leader.

From this research and development we were able to create a website design that was unique, elegant, clean, and uncluttered, whilst maintaining a forward thinking and innovative feel to the site.

Kinetik Wellbeing Brand Guidelines

The website continues to deliver on multiple levels and has grown since it was launched in 2021. The addition of new healthcare tools all developed as bespoke standalone applications has further extended the reach of the site and further underpinned Kinetik Wellbeing’s standing as a leading provider of ‘health at home’ equipment.

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