The AOK Events brand has been established for over 20 years. When Covid hit, they needed to adapt their offering fast. 

We helped them create online digital (or virtual) events through the use of bespoke designed microsite and gift registration sites. This helped keep AOK at the forefront of Covid compliant events through a particularly turbulent 18 months, and come out strong the other side.

Having weathered the Covid storm, they then wanted to celebrate with a fresh new look. We helped AOK reinvigorate their branding with a new identity, which has been expanded into websites to promote their hospitality packages and sub-brands.

AOK Events
AOK Event Mobile Website
AOK Event Website

With new leads coming in, AOK Events saw an opportunity to launch an ecommerce system that frees up time for their sales team whilst offering a simple solution for clients looking to book seamlessly and quickly.

The booking system’s investment paid for itself in just two months, enabling sales across weekends and evenings and expanding AOK into the US and Middle East markets.

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