Making the best charity website

Your charity website not only needs to clearly convey and explain what your charity does, look as good as possible, and make donating easy and secure, but there are a few other best practices to consider when building and maintaining your charity website.

Telling your story

To help your charity stand out from the rest it’s important to explain what makes you different. This includes clearly and concisely telling your story so that users understand who you are and why you are raising money. A good charity website can help you to reach more people, will get them talking about your cause, and help to show how you are making a difference – and hopefully turn users into donations.

With a name you can trust

An attractive and well-designed website will automatically help users to trust your charity. If a website is fast, secure, and well built, donors will have confidence that you’re a solid charity and be more likely to engage with your services as well as promote you by word of mouth.

Turn views into donations charity website

To turn views into donations

Thoughtful use of colour, user interaction, animations, as well as user-friendly design can help visitors to your charity’s website feel comfortable and at home. Their journey on the site should feel organic and natural, so that when they read the ‘donate button’ that leads to an easy-to-use integrated payment gateway, they’re more likely to confidently click it and feel satisfied when they do.

How we can help

We want your charity website to be the best representation of what you do as it can be and expound your cause and why you’re raising money. That’s why we provide a friendly, consultative approach that feels more like a partnership than a client relationship.

We avoid using jargon wherever we can (sometimes we’ll need to, but we’ll always explain what it means) and we choose our approach based on what you already understand and want to achieve. To support this, we provide a full briefing service and support at every stage of the website build, and after we’ve finished the project, we’ll be there to provide ongoing support if you need it.

Ultimately, we want your charity to get as many donations as possible, and we think our expertise and support can help you do that. So if you’re interested in making the best charity website you can, get in touch.