World-Class Web Design for Hanover Displays

Global Leaders in Passenger Information Systems

Hanover Displays have been designing and manufacturing passenger information systems for public transport since 1985, all from their hometown here in Lewes.

Having established themselves as global leaders in the industry, they now supply customers in over 80 countries and have subsidiary offices around the world, plus a second production facility in the USA.

As such, they needed a new world-class website to celebrate their position as a global manufacturer. And that’s where we came in.

Hanover Displays New Website

Web Design that looks great in any language

Our goal for the Hanover Displays website was to ensure accessibility and inclusivity on a global scale.

This meant that along with high-impact, striking imagery that would grab the attention of any visitor, as well as a logical and intuitive user experience, we would also need to prioritise its development of multilingual platforms.

The site’s layout and content would need to be just as effective in French, German, Spanish, and Chinese translations, catering to valued customers in those regions – but without losing any of the style, structural integrity, or character of the design and what makes Hanover who they are.

By offering bespoke for all of the language required, the website would not only enhance accessibility but foster stronger connections with their global audience and potential customers.

A Website where Creativity is King

The Hanover Displays website serves as a dynamic showcase for their cutting-edge products and digital evolution.

With a strong emphasis on innovation and adaptability, the website is designed to highlight Hanover’s extensive range of physical display systems for public transport services.

But it also reflects Hanover’s forward-thinking approach as the company transitions more towards a software-driven solution with the introduction of Hanover Cloud.

This digital shift signifies Hanover’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for managing their signs efficiently and effectively. Through intuitive design and clear messaging, the website not only presents Hanover’s products but also embodies their digital identity, positioning them as industry leaders in the integration of technology and transport software.

Providing Global Connections

Hanover Displays international reach is reflected in the meticulously crafted contact page – an oft-forgotten but increasingly important part of any website. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, the contact page provides visitors with instant access to their network of offices around the globe.

With intuitive email pop-up buttons for each office, reaching out across the world is just a click away.

This streamlined approach ensures that no matter where you are, assistance and support from Hanover Displays is always within reach, reaffirming their dedication to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

The Faster the Better

Part of operating on such a global scale is being accessible and contactable at any time, from anywhere, and the experience should be as seamless as possible for any user, no matter where they are.

100% Speed Performance on Google Page Insights – as of 29/04/2024 @ 16:15

After crafting the homepage we made sure everything was running as quickly as possible, with page speeds increasing by over 27% for desktop, and a whopping 38% on mobile. And with over 80% of people accessing the internet on their phones, it was imperative the site be accessible on the go, wherever they are.

If you wish to discuss a website project, or simply have a question, go ahead and get in touch!