Benefits of a Google plus business page

G+ is more than just Google’s social network. It brings together a number of google products and, combined, these can have a massively positive impact on your business.
You can imagine the benefits of a Google plus business page when someone searches for your business name, a summary of your business fills the right hand side of Google search results AND extra information is shown beneath the normal organic result (e.g. address and phone number, opening hours, reviews).
Tulleys Google Search
New website pages shared on Google+ are indexed immediately for Google’s organic search results. Say you add a new blog post or product to your website. Normally it takes days or even weeks before Google “finds” it and adds it to their index. However, the benefits of a Google plus business page and sharing a link on Google+ means it is indexed immediately and will appear in search results (no influence on ranking though, this is just an expedited index inclusion).

Local Page Results

Google seems to favour businesses with a Google+ pages in local results. Notice how all the businesses shown on the map have a Google+ page.
Accountants in Tonbridge Search

Asking Questions

Another customer service / sales channel is that potential and existing customers can post a question, feedback (positive or negative) on your Google+ page. This is a positive thing but there is an expectation that a reply will be quick, and remember it is PUBLIC, so keep it professional and customer-centric. These are just some of the benefits of a Google plus business page.

I Like it

The Google “+1” button, rather like a Facebook “like” button, is where people can “vote up” your website by clicking a “+1” button. The number of “+1’s” will display on the website and give customers confidence. Note: due to the low numbers of “social” Google+ users, this facility will only work if a website has a large reach, and its visitors are likely to have Google+ profiles. It’s not for everyone. People who have “+1’d” your business will see MORE of your business’s website in their search results, as part of Google’s personalisation program. E.g., because someone has “+1’d” your site, they are effectively saying “I like this” … so the benefits of a google plus business page are demonstrated with Google favouring the website in that person’s search results page.

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