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The practise of on page, on site, natural Search Engine Optimisation is what your website needs in order to deliver real and relevant results to reach those seeking your products and services. We provide specialist SEO services in Sussex and the surrounding area. Optimising your website using the MB Web SEO skills and services of our hand-picked team can be likened to putting premium quality fuel in your car. But why ?
Man Fuelling Car
If you think of your website (new or existing) as a top of the range performance vehicle, it looks fantastic and it works superbly well. The leather trim is a perfect addition and the climate control, sat nav and other special functions not only assist ease of useability but also differentiate you from other less sophisticated competitors. Now consider how you are going to get others to see and experience all this beauty and functionality ? Your website needs promotion and marketing, just like your car needs fuel to get around. Understandably you want to get out there and show off this wonder of mechanical engineering and luxury. A beautiful website needs fuel too and the actual fuel required is not unleaded nor is it biodiesel or hydrogen, the real fuel your website needs is Search Engine Optimisation. The SEO services in Sussex that we provide are the essential fuel that will enable your website to be found by Google and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation Benefits

SEO is probably the most measurable form of advertising and method of promoting your website. Real return on investment can be quantified and evaluated, and this gives you as the website owner confidence and peace of mind. SEO is not an exact science, nor is it witchcraft but understanding what search engines look for is vital to delivering a structured experience for the spiders’ that index each and every website out there. Whilst our professional team are constantly aware of search engine activity,  algorithmic changes and updates the likes of Google do not make public affect every ranking instrument.
F Type Jag
For example Google has literally thousands of different measurements with which it ranks every website across the globe and our in-house SEO specialist here in Sussex (only through continuous investigation and experience) are able to produce real quality results for each of our clients. With this in mind and in very competitive markets it takes longer to hit the high notes and get the top performing natural search ranking positions yet it can be done and we consistently prove successful for our clients.

Search Engine Algorithms

It is easy for inexperienced developers to ‘close the door’ to search engines with the result being that your site won’t be indexed by Google. This is nothing short of utter disaster. The algorithms that interpret search phrases are by their very nature mathematical equations and it is these that then present results which must originally rely on neat, organised and well structured code and content. No matter how involved your website, no matter how many levels nor how much activity is going on within the site Google will index page content that is signposted well and signposted for the benefit of the searching individual rather than the algorithm itself. SEO is a specialist discipline and requires a lot of expertise and up to date knowledge. In the end though, the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation are that because it is quantifiable it is about the greatest form of digital promotion you will ever find and at MB Web we have a number of case studies to demonstrate our skill and quite literally outstanding performance on our clients behalf.


In simple terms think of your website as a supercar and SEO as the essential fuel that gets it out and about and seen by those that you want to connect with it. All other websites are just confusing “vehicles” getting in the way and congesting the route. Great SEO enables prospective customers to find your products and services – Real Treasure.
Treasure Chest
MB Web works with a large number of independent businesses delivering SEO services in Sussex and when we get top marks for our clients our clients give us top marks in return. If you’ve got this far we’d love to hear from you.

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