Decoding the Google Search Algorithm – SEO and Marketing

Anyone who’s ever worked under any capacity in sales and marketing online has wondered what the secret to the Google search algorithm is.
Well, the truth is, we’ve all known for a very long time.
It isn’t a case of reverse engineering lines and lines of code to find out what criteria the equation uses, or how it performs qualitative analysis of over 4.5 billion websites. The solution has been right in front of you the entire time – it’s your customer.
Yeah, that’s a bit of a cop-out, but it’s true. Sure, tested methods can help your site to rise in the ranks on search engine results pages. We’ve discussed some of these methods before, but there are other actions you can take to improve you site traffic and ultimately increase that digital footfall.

What does Google look for?

Well, it looks for a site that ‘knows what it’s about’. This means that rich content should not only be appropriate, but should be clear too. Google needs to work out what your site is about – if you look at the homepage and can’t immediately deduce what you do, then Google won’t be able to either, and by extension, potential customers.

What does Google like?

Google really likes a clear layout that is easy to navigate. From an SEO perspective, this means crystal clear prose and a logical structure. Much like you would write a thesis, begin with a title that encapsulates what the page is about. Follow that up with an abstract, a succinct paragraph of text that explains what the page is. Then get into the meat of the piece – discuss what the service is you provide, and make sure to include relevant keywords that you’re tracking. Finally, sign it off with a conclusion that summarises what you’ve just explained, with a sign-off for the user to contact you.

How does Google find you using the Search Algorithm?

Google then finds you by collating all this information, comparing it to similar pages to see if it makes sense, and then ranking you against your competition based on the end result.
In other words, Google is essentially your customer. The criteria that they analyse, weigh up, and judge your website on are exactly the same as a prospective customer.
So, to conclude, decoding the Google search algorithm is easy – as long as know who your customer is.
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