Mobile First Indexing

Are you ready for the Mobilegeddon?

Since the end of March it has started to look a lot like, on the back of the Maccabees update, Google are finally starting to implement more changes that support mobile-first indexing. This can be seen in two key areas:
Firstly, there have been notable algorithm updates that have directly impacted site performance. This started with the Maccabees update and has ended with tweaks to this confirmed update. If this is the case, it is imperative that if your site has not been optimised for mobile then it needs to be as soon as possible.
Secondly, there has been conflicting chatter about how Google are changing their search results page. On the one hand, we’ve read that they might be reducing specific search results down to one single offering. On the other, we’ve seen that they might be expanding the results page, so that it in fact scrolls forever, which would definitely favour mobile platforms over desktop.
Regardless of whether or not the updates are related, or if search results will now be limited or infinite, mobile indexing is something that is going to happen, and you need to be prepared.

Wait, what is mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing does pretty much what it says on the tin. Your main desktop homepage will no longer be the first port of call for users to find – i.e. the mobile version of your site, or optimised site, will be the one that they will index, and therefore needs to be top notch.
For example, when mobile-first indexing comes into full effect, there are essentially three different types of website that will be affected.
Desktop only – if you only have a version of your website designed for the desktop, this will move down the rankings and show up less in Google. Better-optimised or mobile sites with similar data or offerings will move above you.
Dual sites – if you have essentially two website portals, one for desktop and one for mobile, then your mobile site will be ranked ahead of your desktop one, and will move up and down the rankings based on that.
Mobile or mobile optimised – if you already have a mobile optimised site, then you don’t need to panic too much. You just need to ensure that you great content on there and it is well optimised for search. Obviously we can help.
If your site is desktop only, or you still have not optimised for mobile, then contact us now to find out about doing it. If you don’t get it done soon, then your rank in Google will be damaged.
This is all still fairly speculative, but it’s looking more and more like this change is finally being rolled out – and unless you want your site to plummet in search engines, you’d best prepare.
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