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There are many SEO companies in Sussex, but only one has the knowledge and expertise to improve your Google rankings and keep them there – MB Web. We’ve established a reputation as the No1 SEO company in Sussex, and with our proven track record of turbo-charging the Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) of numerous small businesses throughout Sussex and the South East it’s easy to see why. Read on to find out why so many small businesses in the South East choose MB Web as their search engine optimisation and digital marketing partner…

Why Choose MB Web?

So what makes MB Web the top SEO company in Sussex? The answer is simple: we’re good at what we do. We know what is required to maximise the potential of your existing website, and our search engine optimisation experts are always on hand to offer advice and guidance about how to further develop your site. Our enterprise-level search engine tracking system enables us to monitor how well your website ranks for your chosen keywords and it can even compare how your site ranks in relation to your competitors. We can monitor the performance of your website across all three major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo), we can analyse the performance of individual pages and we can even integrate our tracking system with your Google Analytics account to provide in-depth traffic statistics and visitor information. No other SEO company in Sussex offers the kind of analytical insight that MB Web does.
We provide our SEO clients with detailed bi-monthly reports that include a wealth of information such as historic keyword rankings, traffic statistics, visitor behaviour and various other search metrics. Our reports are easy to understand, avoid excessive jargon and provide all the data you need. Our SEO reports are also jam-packed with ideas and suggestions to help you get the most out of your social media marketing and digital marketing efforts. The old saying ‘if it can’t be monitored it can’t be managed’ could have been coined for SEO, and while some unscrupulous SEO companies in Sussex may hide behind vague promises and obscure statistics, we’re completely up-front about what we can and can’t do for your business.

On-Site SEO v Off-Site SEO

At MB Web we focus exclusively on improving the on-site SEO of our clients’ websites. On-site SEO is the process of improving and optimising the actual website pages themselves. This involves analysing website structure and taxonomy, URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, page headings, images, internal and external links and – most importantly – the actual content itself. We also carry out in-depth keyword research to identify high-traffic, low-competition keyword phrases and then optimise the relevant pages for these new keywords. In addition to our regular on-site search engine optimisation services, we also carry out regular technical audits to identify and fix issues such as broken links, malformed robots.txt files and missing images. No other SEO company in Sussex has such a deep understanding of the technical complexities of website applications as we do.
Off-site SEO involves building links back to the website, using social media marketing to promote the website and generally advertising the website on various external sites. Many search engines (including Google) view links to a website as ‘trust signals’. Historically, the website with the most links pointing to it usually ranks higher than those websites with fewer backlinks. Along with the volume of links pointing to a website, the link anchor text also plays a crucial role in determining the website’s ranking position for a certain keyword. Other inbound link factors such as link relevancy, link velocity (the rate at which links are created to the site), link status (follow or nofollow) and link velocity (the rate at which links are created to the site) also have an impact of the ranking position of a particular website.
So if off-site search engine optimisation is so effective, why don’t we, as the top SEO company Sussex, offer this as a service to our search engine marketing clients? Off-site SEO generally involves building artificial links to a website with the sole purpose of improving that site’s position in the search engines, which is in direct contravention of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google’s search algorithm is now extremely proficient at identifying artificial link building patterns, otherwise known as ‘footprints’. If Google does happen to spot something wrong with the links pointing back to your website, there is a good chance that they will penalise your site, which can have disastrous consequences for your business (If you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a Google penalty, read our complete guide to Google Penalty Removal.). As the leading SEO company Sussex, we don’t feel comfortable marketing our SEO clients’ websites in a way that could expose them to this risk. While there are many legitimate ways to carry out off-site marketing, we prefer to focus our efforts on improving the most important part of your website: its content.

Content, Content, Content

Quality content is what Google wants and expects from websites in 2014. In return, it rewards those sites that offer well-written, relevant content with high SERPs and increased exposure. MB Web are experts at taking your existing content and reworking it to help get your message across to humans and search engines. As the leading SEO company in Sussex we know how to write quality content that gets you noticed. It’s not about how many words you put on a page; it’s what you put on the page that counts. Writing original, relevant and high quality content that offers something of genuine value to your readers is by far the safest and most consistently reliable way to improve your website’s rankings. While another SEO company Sussex may just tweak a few words or sentences in order to include your primary keyword phrase, our SEO writers have been known to rewrite articles and posts from scratch in order to improve the relevancy, originality and quality of your content.
Sometimes writing quality content is not enough. Some SEO ‘experts’ believe that keyword density and keyword placement are no longer relevant to achieving high rankings in Google. They are wrong. Our 10 years experience as the top SEO company Sussex has taught us that keyword density will always be important. When Google’s spiders crawl your content, you need to give them some indication about what your article is about. Along with the URL, page title, meta description and headings, Google will factor in the amount of times a keyword is included in a page to help determine what that page is about. If there are 1000+ words in your article and your keyword phrase is mentioned only once, it is unlikely that Google will rank your page particularly highly for that particular keyword. After all, Google’s only goal is to serve relevant search results to it’s users.
Of course, there is a fine line between including your keyword phrase too infrequently and turning your page into spam. At MB Web we have a deep understanding of how search engine algorithms work, and through our extensive experience as the leading SEO company Sussex we know how to tailor your content to a particular keyword phrase. We also understand the importance of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords and how they can influence how a particular search engine views your page. When you hire MB Web to improve your on-site SEO, you are acquiring the services of the top SEO company Sussex, with over 10 years experience of writing quality content that entices search engine spiders and engages human visitors.

It’s Not Just Content, Content, Content

Despite Google’s best efforts to convince you otherwise, quality content alone will not send your website soaring to the top of the charts. When we undertake an SEO campaign there are several factors we analyse, including the title tag and meta description, page headings, images and links. Some are more important than others, but in today’s ultra-competitive online marketplace Tesco’s motto is never more true: ‘Every little helps’. When viewed in isolation, adding ALT tags to images and renaming them to include your primary keyword phrase may not seem like much, but when optimised in conjunction with a well-written title tag and meta description, minor changes such as this can have a dramatic effect. As the most experienced SEO company Sussex we understand that better than anyone, and a few of the additional on-site SEO factors that we take into account when optimising a website can be found below.


Although keyword-based domains (i.e. jewellery-shop.co.uk) are nowhere near as important as they once were, the same cannot be said for internal page URLS. As the best SEO company Sussex, one of the first things we analyse when looking to improve the ranking position of a website is to check the URL structure of the site. Ideally, the URL to an internal page should contain the keyword phrase and exclude any stop words such as ‘in’ and ‘the’. Of course, if we do change any URLS we always redirect visitors looking for the old URL to the new location to avoid loss of traffic.

Title Tags

Arguably the most import of all on-site SEO ranking factors, the title tag is absolutely crucial to achieving high SERPs. Whole books have been written about how to craft effective title tags for search engine optimisation, and although writing a title tag is easy, writing a good title tag is extremely hard. Basically, you have a maximum of 70 characters in which to include your primary keyword phrase, a secondary keyword phrase and, if possible, an action word. Oh, it also has to read well and encourage visitors to click through to your website. Easy it is not, which is where our expertise as the top SEO company Sussex is invaluable.

Meta Description

Google Adwords is great, but what if we told you it’s actually free? Well, not Adwords as such, but something very similar (and better): the humble meta description. This meta tag provides you with an opportunity to create a free advertisement for your site that is displayed whenever your website is listed in Google’s search results. Unfortunately, like the title tag described above, writing a meta description that accurately reflects what the page is about while at the same time being engaging and enticing is not easy – especially as you have approximately 155 characters in which to get your message across. If your website appears on page one for your chosen keyword and includes a well-written meta description that encourages visitors to click on your link, you’ve basically got a Google Adwords ad – for free! Let the leading SEO company Sussex turbo-charge your website rankings and take advantage of Google’s very generous offer of free advertising!


Google’s Images can be a great source of free traffic, but to take advantage of it you need to optimise your images. As the leading SEO company Sussex, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to optimising your website, and that includes optimising your images. This involves renaming image files from ’094621.jpg’ to ‘your-primary-keyword.jpg’ and also ensuring that each and every image on the site has the correct ALT tag assigned. MB Web has established a reputation as the leading SEO company Sussex through our attention to detail, and our image optimisation techniques are another example of that.


Although we do not offer external link building services, we know how important it is to create links between the internal pages of your site. This can be in the form of a list of related articles at the bottom of the page, or a simple contextual hyperlink. Anchor text is an important factor here too, as if you want a particular page to rank well for a particular keyword you should ideally link to that page using the keyword as the anchor text. Likewise, as the most effective SEO company Sussex we also advise our search engine marketing clients to link out to relevant, quality sites when necessary. Links are the very foundation of the internet. Without them websites are nothing more than individual silos.

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For more than 10 years, MB Web has been the go-to SEO company Sussex. We have achieved page one rankings for a wide range of small businesses over the years, from accountants and construction companies to retail outlets and medical practitioners. Although the only people who can guarantee page one rankings in Google are Google engineers, we are very confident that as the foremost SEO company Sussex, we have the knowledge and expertise required to make a massive difference to your online business.

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