How Does Brand Identity Design Work?

Great brand identity design is about creating timeless iconic symbols that visually sum up the core values and “personality” of a business or organisation. However, it’s important to remember that graphic designers can’t “make” brands – only the audience can do this. A company’s personality is shaped by its customers; its how they perceive the business, its products and its services. What designers can do is lay the foundations of the brand identity through logo design, typography, colours, graphics, slogans and content.

Recently Completed Brand Identity Design Project

The brand foundations that we lay down don’t happen by magic – each lovingly crafted brand identity is the result of meticulous planning, a comprehensive design brief and good old fashioned hard work. The following images provide an indication of the attention to detail that goes into every brand identity design that we produce.

Design Stages

The first step on the road to establishing a brand identity framework is to research your marketplace and assess where your competitors sit in this space. The next step focuses on three key exploration areas that together offer original and rationalised creative solutions that are guaranteed to ellicit an emotional response from your target audience. This is our own proprietary brand design system that has been tried and tested over the past 20 years and has been adapted and refined as a result of our growing brand design portfolio.


Sometimes brand identity evolution rather than revolution is the order of the day – especially with existing businesses that are looking for a brand refresh to help them reach out to new customers. In such cases we will create concepts that retain the brand equity of the original design but that are distinctive enough to appeal to a different audience.


How do you want your customers to feel when they purchase your products? What emotions do you want to illicit in them whenever they see your brand? Brand identity is all about business personality, and in order to establish a personality or character you need your customers to feel something when they engage with your company. Here we begin to explore new solutions to enriching experiences and perceptions in order to facilitate the creation of a business persona.


This can be a journey of discovery where we break with tradition and create radical yet focused brand identity concepts that are aligned with your business objectives. Exploring different ideas, themes and approaches, our brand identity designers pour their creative heart and soul into every branding project.
We support our creative solutions with clear rationale, and to help you envisage the identity we will often create product mock-ups featuring the design, such as work uniforms, business cards and vehicle livery where appropriate. Brand identity design is something that requires consideration and thought in equal measure, with the overarching brand strategy always prominent in the design process.

More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Designing a brand identity framework involves more than simply creating a graphic symbol. Anyone can design a “graphic”, but designing a timeless visual representation of an orgianisation requires considerable creative ability. A successful brand identity encapsulates the very being and essence of an organisation and imparts that to its customers. A company’s identity can have an impact on customer retention and acquisition, which underlines just how important it is to create the right first impression.

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