Get an SSL Certificate Today – are your sockets secure?

Get an SSL Certificate Today

Secure Sockets Layer certificates (SSL) are the now-industry-standard security that establishes an encrypted link between a user and the website they’re viewing. It basically keeps a connection secure and makes sure nobody else can access the information that is being shared. When you have one, your URL will change from http to https, and Google will recognise your site as safe for people to visit.
As of July the 24th 2018 Google started rolling out updates that will mark non-https sites (i.e. sites without a SSL certificate) as non-secure, which will have a direct impact impact on SEO and the site’s general ranking. To this extent, it is now a matter of requirement to secure a certificate and ensure that their site starts with https, else lose traffic to the competition.
Want help securing an SSL certificate?  We provide support to companies all over the South East, including Brighton. If you would like to get an SSL certificate today, or are looking for any other advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.