6 ways to make your charity donation page more engaging

The main objective of any charity is to raise as much money as they can to help as many people as possible.

And so, creating an effective and compelling donation page that encourages users to give is crucial to making sure your charity website succeeds.

Here are our top six best practices for creating a successful charity donation page on your website.

1. Make it clear

It’s important to articulate your charity’s mission as clearly as possible to really demonstrate the impact that donations make. Use concise and compelling language that will resonate with visitors and help them to emphasise with your cause and emphasise the difference that they can personally make by contributing.

2. Keep it simple

Ensure the donation process is simple and user-friendly. Use clear headlines, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make the content easily scannable. Avoid overwhelming visitors with too much information and ensure that your charity is accessible for all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

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3. Everybody’s different

It’s important to offer a range of donation amounts to cater to different budget levels and never make assumptions about the users who are visiting your charity website. To this extent, consider suggesting specific amounts that align with the impact each donation can make, rather than what someone may be able to give – this means always allowing donors to enter custom amounts so that they have complete control over how they donate.

4. Reliable and regular

Express how positive donations are for charities. Large single amounts are always helpful, but even smaller donations on a regular basis provide your charity with a consistent and predictable source of funding – this is an important fact to explain to potential donors, as charitable giving is always about the future, and so being able to plan for it is essential.

5. Safe and secure

Clearly communicate that the donation process is secure. The use of trusted payment gateways and displaying relevant security badges helps to build trust with potential donors and put their mind at ease, which in turn encourages them to start giving to your charity.

6. Transparency about fees

If there are any processing fees associated with donations or fundraising costs, be transparent about them. Fundraising costs money and processing it can sometimes have an associated cost, and most charitable givers will be aware of this. So, it’s even worth considering giving donors the option to cover these fees so that they know 100% of their intended donation goes to your charitable cause.

If you’d like our help creating an engaging and inspiring donation page for your charity website, just give us a call.